About Us

Welcome to Hauten Heih!
We are a local Houston Vendor where we go out and set up small pop up shops where we sell a variety of items from Vintage clothing, new clothing, original designs for tees, and accessories. 
Our aim is for everyone to see the hidden message behind Hauten Heih. We like to influence the inspiration from those we celebrate on an every day basis. Those who we consider "hot" and those who are living the highest peaks of their own success which comes from hard work and determination. It's the set path that we all come to know and dream about. It is their own universe and its the affirmation of abundance that comes set forth from their own determination to influence the world from their own minds, talents, and artistry. We recognize this and would like to share own inspirations in collaboration from all these influencers regardless of your race, creed, age, gender, or background. We celebrate all and hope to inspire everyone the same way.